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WAKUMOSU is an environmentally friendly anti-red mites product for the production of safe and secure eggs, but it only inhibits the increase of red mites, not drastically reducing them.
To substantially lessen the increase in the number of red mites, we developed a new product, "NICE HIT!"

is a new product developed to significantly decrease the number of red mites.
It is more effective when used in combination with WAKUMOSU as a countermeasure against red mites.

1. Raising Chickens in a Healthy Environment

It is made from only natural mineral origin + food additives.

The cleaning agent is non-irritant, so it does not affect the laying rate of chickens even if they are splashed with it,

so it can be used safely in the feeding environment.

(The product was evaluated as "non-irritant" in a primary skin irritation test)

2. Powerful Cleaning Capacity

Spray cleaning with a power washing sprayer provides a one-shot solution

to not only red mites, but also pests, fungi, and viruses!

(Not all bacteria and viruses are covered by this product)

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 9.29.02 am.png

After using "NICE HIT!"

3. Prevent Metal Corrosion

Contains anti-corrosion ingredients (derived from natural minerals), greatly reducing the incidence of dirty eggs

Results of soaked steel in liquids for one month under the same conditions:

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 9.49.51 am.png


calcium hydroxide (Ca(OH)2)

Chemical agent E

Chemical agent N


Q. What are the ingredients?

It is  made from natural mineral origin + food additives only.
Alkaline agents, vegetable oils and fats, emulsifiers, anti-solidification agents, PH adjusters

It does not have the cleaning power of strong alkalinity.

Considering the impact on the health of both operators and chickens, the aqueous solution is mildly alkaline, equivalent to soap.
Our customers who have used our product have evaluated its cleaning power as equal to or better than that of conventional steam cleaning.

Q. Is the strong cleaning power due to strong alkalinity?

Q. Why are flies effective? And why can they be sanitized?

Effect on flies → It is thought that the ingredients contained in NICE HIT! affect the flight behavior and airway of flies.
Sanitization → The ingredients contained in commonly sold cleaning agents claiming sanitizing effects are contained.

 Q. About metal corrosion 

Many veterinary drugs are noted to induce metal corrosion. NICE HIT! does not contain ingredients that cause metal corrosion. Furthermore, some of the constituents in this product have a rust-preventive effect. It also has a fire retardant effect.

Q. How much is used in one poultry house with 25,000 chickens?

The standard amount per usage is 1.5 tons of aqueous solution per 25,000 birds (500L type A and B agents in 3 sets of 4% aqueous solution). The application frequency may be increased or decreased based on the contamination situation in the poultry house, so please ask our sales representative.

Q. How should I treat wastewater?

NICE HIT! is not a chemical, so there is no need to be concerned about wastewater discharge. Even if the aqueous solution gets on livestock manure, unlike veterinary drugs that contain chemicals, NICE HIT! contains no chemicals and is rather effective because its mineral-derived components are also essential soil trace elements and fertilizer components.

How to Use

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.04.23 pm.png

① ​Prepare A agent of NICE HIT!

② Dissolve agent A in 500L of water

③ Stir thoroughly

⑥ Stir thoroughly and spray

⑤ Dissolve agent B in ②

④ Prepare B agent of NICE HIT!

Precautions for Use

If you follow the instructions

... I'm comfortable!



NICE HIT! in water and spray it as soon as possible (within 3 hours)

It becomes a gel and may clog the filter of the sprayer!

With water in the tank, add Agent A, then Agent B, in that order.

If not, it may not dissolve!

Screen Shot 2022-09-01 at

Use only with appropriate protective clothing!


NICE HIT! in water and spray it as soon as possible (within 3 hours)

It becomes a gel and may clog the filter of the sprayer!

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 9.29.02 am.png

The green liquid oozing from the red mite colony may remain as a stain on the eggs, please spray the eggs so that the green liquid does not stick to them!



Product Standard:100L

A agent +B agent (1 set) For About 1700 birds

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 5.39_edited.png

Product Standard:500L

A agent +B agent (1 set) For About 8500 birds

Please contact us for detailed instructions and usage.

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