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 Patent # 7030372

Material conforming to the organic Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) 

Approx. 2cm

(easy to use

in the garden)




For those who want to use it in the garden, such as a vegetable garden!

WOW COFFEE's pellet form makes it easy for everyone to use and store.


Anyone can use

Easy to use for everyone, in pellet form. Only safe materials are used, so you can enjoy growing vegetables and flowers with your children.


Easy to treat

The product is completely sealed, so it is convenient to take out with you. No worry about powder leakage or odor leakage.

Also, zippered bags allow excess fertilizer to be stored indoors or outdoors


Useable without concerning odor

Due to the deodorizing effect of coffee grounds, odor reduced by about 80% compared to conventional poultry manure fertilizers

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