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Privacy Policy

Personal information submitted to liveR LLC is handled mainly by liveR LLC and is managed based on the Privacy Policy described below. We respect the privacy of all those who provide personal information to liveR LLC, whether as applicants for educational programs or as registered receivers of email giving notice of various events; so we take great care in the protection of personal information.


Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information


-Personal information registered on our website is used only for work-related matters. We do not use this information for any other purposes. Personal information we receive is managed by the person in charge of the relevant program, and that person will take responsibility for handling the information properly.


Type of Information We Collect on Applicants/Registrants


-We collect necessary information including: name, phone number, email address, and address. 


Method of Collecting Personal Information


​-We collect personal information mainly through emails and the website. When collecting information, we clearly define the goals of collection, comply with the regulations depending on the necessary boundary for the achievement of the goals, and conduct the collection based on appropriate and fair methods.


-Not only do we comply with the applicable rules and regulations on the personal information we possess, but we regularly review our policy and make changes as necessary.


Management of Personal Information


-We handle personal information as carefully as we can. We do not disclose the personal information of the applicants/registrants.


-The data we possess on particular individuals are strictly controlled by the staff in charge and serious consideration is given to prevent any information leakage.


-Personal information submitted to the School of Science is not provided to any third parties such as companies/organizations, and we do not disclose any personal information without the approval of the applicants/registrants.

Contact for Inquiries on Personal Information Management

Address: 799-0705, Doicho Noda 1548, Shikoku Chuo-shi, Ehime 


Company name: liveR LLC


Email address:

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