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Safe organic fertilizer made from chicken feces with high fertilizer effect and coffee grounds with high deodorizing effect (extracted grounds/deficient beans)

 Patent # 7030372

Material conforming to the organic Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) 

[Certified as agricultural, commercial and industrial cooperation business plan in 2017]


Easy to blend with soil

and fluffy fine powder



For all those who are struggling with soil preparation!

Soil Improvement with Coffee grounds & Safe and Secure Chicken Droppings

Strength of Coffee Grounds


​Not Just Fertilizer Effects

Coffee grounds are expected to improve soil fertility (CN ratio 11) 


​Significantly reduced odor

Due to the deodorizing effect of coffee grounds, odor reduced by about 30% compared to conventional poultry manure fertilizers


Trace elements added

Considerably reduces the amount of caffeine, a plant growth inhibitor that remains in coffee grounds

Strength of the chicken droppings

Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at

Well balanced


Safe and secure

​Contains balanced fertilizer components (N:P:K=3:2:3) with the fast-acting properties of chemical fertilizers and the slow-acting properties of organic fertilizers, thanks to chicken droppings 

Using droppings from chickens raised without antibiotics reduces the risk of AMR infections.

※AMR are infections that used to be mild and recoverable with proper treatment, but that are now more difficult to treat and more likely to become severe and even cause death.

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