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 Manufacturing companies involving in liveR


Shikoku-Cage Co., Ltd.

About us:

We are developing anti-poultry red mites (mites that live by sucking the blood of chickens) products compliant with the positive list system to exterminate them that occur abnormally in poultry houses.

We contribute to resource recycling through the production of insect traps and other products that are composed of insecticidal (insect-control) ingredients derived from natural minerals and biodegradable materials, and can be returned to the soil as compost after use.

We also conduct environmentally-friendly corporate activities, such as reducing the use of insecticides, thereby reducing the burden on the environment.


About Shikoku Cage Co., Ltd.▶︎

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About us:

FLEXY is an Italian company contributing to the technological development in the poultry industry, founded in 1998, with more than 40 years of field experience.

Since its inception, the company has been leading the international market in egg collection and egg conveying systems. Its objective is to constantly develop new products and solutions to meet the emerging needs of the market. Its systems combine quality, versatility, and reliability, and we are recognized as an excellent solution provider for all poultry farms.


About Flexy▶︎

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